Our Products

Our products contains durable material and have a thoughtful and responsible design. The quality ensure a long lasting life. When worn out they should be recycled according to local environmental laws and instructions.

Our products help our customers to minimize their negative impact on the environment in the sea’s of the world.

UN Global Compact

Meson Group is a part of Indutrade Group who has signed th UN Global Compact sustainability initiative. All companies within the group are committed to work with the Global Compact's 10 principles for sustainable development in the four areas human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Do you want to learn more about UN Global Compact, please click here

Code of Conduct

An important part of the sustainability work in Meson Group is the Code of Conduct. We follow the common guidelines from Indutrade Group. These make sure that we are doing business in a ethical and responsible way. The code is a guideline not only for our employees, but also for our suppliers. We also expect our business partners to work according to the same prinicples. Do you want to learn more about Indutrade’s code of conducts, please click links below

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Business Partners of Indutrade Group