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The marine industry is tough. Whether you are operating a single vessel or an entire fleet, challenging sea conditions, rising costs and increasing environmental and safety regulations are affecting profitability and operational efficiency. Technical knowledge gaps and reduced crew numbers are other obstacles to overcome; staying ahead in the marine industry requires a concerted effort across many fields.

Meson’s marine solutions are designed to provide easy, reliable, cost-efficient products and services that are intended to keep operations running smoothly. With a full portfolio of high-quality products together with access to Meson’s marine-dedicated engineering and technical team, we are confident that together we can make a real difference to your business

SOx scrubbing is an attractive way to meet the regulations of the International Maritime Organization and minimize the operational costs of ships. For over 30 years, Meson has been intensively present aboard all types of ships where our valve solutions play an integral role. Our target is to make the vessels greener, more efficient and more profitable, thanks to the use of advanced automation and flow control solutions. Meson has a long track record in supplying valves and related products for scrubber systems to container, general cargo and cruise ships. Development work on flow control systems started in the early 90s and has continued over the years and is today an integral part of Meson´s DNA.

The demands of the SOx Scrubber systems are high. With MESON valves you can run your SOx Scrubber System at ease. Talk to our skilled engineers if you need assistance to chose products for your installation of Scrubber system or the Scrubber itself. Our quality and material standards assure reliable functionality. Benefit from the knowledge gained from projects all over the world: global experience means local security.

SOx Scrubbers

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