The SANVISU visualisation system combines SANDER MESON automation expertise with our supervisory control software developed in-house.

With the SANVISU operator interface you control and manage any SANSYS operation at any time. Zoom in comfortably on any region you want to supervise and visualise whatever detail – on one monitor.

Good reasons to upgrade your automation system SANVISU:

All parameters that need to be controlled are visualised on one monitor. This makes the unattended operation of machinery spaces on board safe and efficient.

Rapid and user-friendly navigation saves time and gives operators a clear and quick view into the system status during operation.

SANVISU performs to your precise and individual functional specifications.

Just one contact for your individual solution: From the initial vision to one-on-one start-up training – our team of experienced engineers will be at your side.

Clear visualisation in rough seas and fluctuating light conditions makes the SANVISU operator interface a highly reliable partner in any situation.

Upgrade your automation system. Start managing more efficiently now.

Help symbol icon:

Click to find a supporting text for every window.

Maintenance symbol icon:

Click to get a detailed instruction manual as well as a list of parts valves, pumps, sensors and level switches.

Clipboard symbol icon:

Click to get detailed product information such as data sheets and engineering drawings or blueprints.

Flexible user administration:

Access authorisation can be varied.

Error management:

In case of error not only an error code is displayed but also a proposal for solution.

Flexible commissioning:

Parameters for the automation can be adjusted during commissioning.

Easy and comfortable:

Discover SANVISU.



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